At ABC News, “The Earth & The Moon Are Suddenly Missing”

By Brian 

ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper‘s blog continues to be a must-read. Earlier this week he commented on the death of Peter Jennings and the loss of Ted Koppel:

“The combination of our loss of him professionally, and of Jennings personally and professionally, is staggering. In our own little ABC universe, that’s like realizing the earth and the moon are suddenly missing from the solar system. It’s not just their skills and presence, their marketability and magnetism, that are and will be so sorely missed, but the professional standards they personified. Not only that, but both men were unfailingly generous to a number of us younger, less talented correspondents.

Thank God they were here to begin with, I suppose, but right now the loss of Peter and the pending vacuum from Ted’s leaving ABC are awe-inspiring and, to be quite honest, terrifying.”