#AskNewser: Talent Share What They’re Most Thankful for

By A.J. Katz 

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, so for the next installment of our #AskNewser series, we decided to ask anchors, hosts and correspondents what they’re most thankful for. We think you’ll get a kick out of their answers.

CBS 60 Minutes+ correspondent Enrique Acevedo: “I’m thankful for our frontline essential workers and for everyone who stepped up to help those in need during this treacherous time. We need that kind of empathy and compassion more than ever. I also want to mention the men and women of the forest service. I had the chance to spend time with some of them and their families for one of my 60 Minutes+ stories and their work is truly heroic.”

PBS NewsHour White House correspondent and Washington Week host Yamiche Alcindor: “This Thanksgiving, I am most thankful for freedom and empathy. Over the last year, I have marveled at the history of Africans in the Americas who time and time again survived unthinkable cruelty and then gained their freedom only to face even more strife. So, this Thanksgiving, I am cherishing the fact that while there is so much progress left to be made in this world, I am free to choose my life in a way that my ancestors never could. It’s also been a tough couple of years so I am grateful for people—especially my family and friends—who have emphasized with me and for the ability to empathize with others, including people I have covered as a journalist closely during this pandemic and racial reckoning.”


CNBC TechCheck co-anchor Deirdre Bosa: “Like many people this year, I’m more thankful than ever for my family’s health and for the science that has allowed us to visit and hug loved ones again. While I lost my dad, JJ, I also welcomed a baby boy, Roman Yeats. I am so grateful for the healthcare workers that have tirelessly worked through endless challenges, showing us such kindness and compassion.”

Bloomberg Markets: The Close co-host Romaine Bostick: “I’m thankful for the privilege to be alive, the blessing of my family and the optimism I feel every day that I look into my wife’s eyes. I’m thankful both for the things I can control and for those I cannot. And I’m thankful that the past two years have taught me to find joy in the present and worry less about the future.”

CBS Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan: “I am thankful for my family’s health and the joy that the ‘Face the Nation’ team gets from working with each other on the show, even when the work itself is tough. I am also thankful for the staff at CBS News and in our Washington Bureau. It never once shut down during the pandemic, which allowed us as a network to stay on the air at such a critical moment and throughout an unforgiving news cycle to help keep our viewers informed.”

CNN anchor and senior Washington correspondent Pamela Brown: “Very thankful for my two kiddos, my husband, dad, brother and the rest of my amazing family, as well as all my great girlfriends who keep me grounded when life gets hectic and my newfound mom running club who hold me accountable so that I don’t bail on my workout routine! I also feel very fortunate to have a job I enjoy that provides paid leave and other health benefits, offering immeasurable comfort and security, especially during the pandemic.”

Fox News correspondent Christina Coleman: “I’m incredibly grateful for my loving husband, our son and this beautiful life we created together in California. I’m grateful that I’m able to do what I love for a living and that I get to work at a great place with so many talented journalists. It’s an honor.”

Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke: “I am most thankful for the gift of family … in all its forms. Having lost my best friend (my brother Michael) last year to sickle cell disease, I have renewed my commitment to being present, being available and being a true friend. To me, that’s the essence of family and the very reason for the season.”

ABC News Live Prime, World News Tonight Sunday anchor Linsey Davis: “I am grateful for a family I couldn’t love any more if I tried, for health and for abundant grace and mercy. And for all the blessings–pressed down, shaken together and running over!”

CNBC The Exchange anchor, Power Lunch co-anchor Kelly Evans: “I’m thankful to God that my family is all healthy and I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with them. I’m thankful that I have the best team ever and I’m thankful for the growing world of crypto to give me a hundred story ideas.”

CBS Saturday Morning co-host, CBS News special correspondent Jeff Glor: “I’m thankful for all the travel we’ve been able to get back to following the vaccine rollouts. I’m thankful to all the authors, adventurers and chefs who’ve shared their stories with us on Saturday Morning. And today I’m especially thankful for the seven different varieties of Buffalo wings I got to sample on a shoot in my hometown.”

ABC News Tamron Hall host Tamron Hall: “Thankful for family, friends, and good health. Excited and thankful to be able to travel to Philadelphia to celebrate in the city’s beloved parade.”

Bloomberg Washington correspondent Annmarie Hordern: “Incredibly thankful to the selfless health care community who continue to battle Covid on the front lines, even if the story isn’t always on the front page. We are grateful for their tireless dedication, every day, and especially this Thanksgiving.”

CNBC senior Washington correspondent Eamon Javers: “I’m thankful for the unexpected silver lining of being able to work from home during the pandemic, even as we all look forward to things opening up and getting back out there in the world. I have four kids—hi, Declan, Evelyn, Hugh and Norah!—and my wife Maureen and I have been able to witness lots of slices of their lives that we would not have always been there for otherwise. That said, I went to my first in person CNBC event in New York last week, and it was really refreshing to meet people in person and learn from them without having to schedule a Zoom! I’m hoping for a balance of both of the best in 2022.”

NBC News business & tech correspondent Jo Ling Kent: “I’m thankful for Scott Conroy, the most supportive husband who helps keep life in perspective, and my sweet daughters. So very grateful for my work family (shout out to my tireless teammates Ezra Kaplan and Emily Pandise!) and the privilege of being a journalist with freedom of the press.”

CBS News congressional correspondent Nikole Killion: “As someone new to the Capitol Hill beat this year, I am grateful for the countless individuals who make up the lifeblood of Congress. My job may be covering lawmakers but the unsung heroes that you often don’t see on camera are the police officers, the custodians, the food service workers and the indefatigable staffers who toil through late night votes and recess solitudes. Even after one of the worst attacks on the U.S. Capitol in more than 200 years, they stayed on the job defending and restoring the People’s House.”

MSNBC Way Too Early host Jonathan Lemire: “It’s been, in so many ways, a challenging year, but one for which there still is much to be thankful. For health, for the vaccines and a light at the end of the tunnel. For the privilege of covering the White House and for the opportunity to play a role in keeping Americans informed during a bewildering time. For the smile on my sons’ faces when they watch a home run sale out of Fenway Park. And, as the host of a 5 a.m. show, any morning when my alarm is turned off.”

NBC News’ senior national correspondent, NBC News NOW Top Story anchor Tom Llamas: “I’m most thankful for my loving family, including my supportive wife. I’m also thankful to the inventors of the bunk bed and the pirate ship bed as my children now have reasons to go to sleep.”

Bloomberg Washington correspondent Joe Mathieu: “I am thankful my wife is still my best friend after 25 years of marriage. I am thankful to learn more from my child than I can teach.”

CBS Saturday Morning co-host Michelle Miller: “I’m thankful that, we endured, albeit it’s not over, a pandemic with the force to harm so many of us!  I’m thankful that we learned lessons about life through it, to see make the most of uncertain times, to reach to improve our world in the midst of it all. I’m thankful we slowed down to breathe and take in our blessings and to witness the wrongs with an attention to right them. I’m happy to have spent more time with my family and I’m feel truly blessed to have come out the other end intact and relatively whole!”

NBC News NOW Live anchor Alison Morris: “I am thankful for getting together with our noisy Morris family this Thanksgiving. Our first Thanksgiving all together since 2019. The pandemic made me realize what’s important in life more than ever: health, family, and friends. I’m also thankful for my uncle who’s hosting so I don’t need to make the turkey and stuffing  this year!.”

PBS NewsHour chief correspondent Amna Nawaz: “More than anything this year, I’m grateful for my husband, Paul. Through a year-plus of homeschooling our daughters, keeping a very loud dog quiet while I do the show from our basement, and somehow keeping a sense of humor and optimism about it all–he kept us sane, happy, and loved. Love you, PW 😊.”

ABC News Nightline co-anchor Byron Pitts: “I am thankful for my faith and the love of family. Both family by blood and my family by choice. Both bring me comfort and joy, and a deep sense of gratitude.”

CNN chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju: “This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for my six-year-old twins who are blossoming, incredibly sweet and extremely fun to be around. I’m thankful for my wife of nearly 15 years for everything she does for our family and proud of the work she’s done to succeed in her career. And I’m thankful for my parents, brother, his family and for my friends and hope they stay in good health in the New Year and for many years to come.”

NBC News correspondent, NBC News NOW’s Morning News NOW host Savannah Sellers: “I’m thankful for the opportunity to host my first thanksgiving! My fiancé and I are bringing our two families together to celebrate the holiday and create new traditions as one family. There will likely be lots of wedding talk and hopefully lots of good food! (Might be spaghetti as that seems safer than giving turkey a shot.)”

CBS News senior national correspondent Mark Strassmann: “My gratitude has grown and grown for my two children. They’ll both travel to spend Thanksgiving with us in Atlanta again this year, and it will be great to have the band back together. I’m always grateful to my wife, who puts up with my daily nonsense.”

CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca: “We have more to be thankful for than we realize. I’m thankful for my loving and healthy family that puts up with the erratic news cycle. I’m thankful for the producers and photo/audio crews who make the work enjoyable. We are ALL grateful for USED vacation days”

Fox News correspondent Charles Watson: “I am most thankful to still have a family that is intact, after more than a year of a pandemic that decimated so many families. I’m also extremely thankful to be able to live out my dreams and tell the stories of so many hard-working Americans.”

PBS NewsHour anchor and managing editor Judy Woodruff: “I’m thankful most of all for family and friends, for our health care workers during this pandemic and for all the wonderful folks who do the invisible jobs of making the world safer—our brave troops—and, here at home, the cleaning crews, maintenance teams, trash collectors, firefighters, police and public road construction crews, whom I watched on this cold night repairing streets in Washington, D.C.  And I’m thankful for a NewsHour team that works hard every day to make sure we’re telling the news that needs to be told, getting every story straight, and being fair in the way we tell them.”