Ashleigh Banfield Anchors Her Last CNN Legal View

By Mark Joyella 

Ashleigh Banfield signed off as anchor of CNN’s Legal View Friday, ending four years as host of the network’s midday legal show. “I have to say goodbye,” Banfield said. “Not just for today, but for good. This is the last edition of Legal View on CNN.”

Banfield said she’d “had a great time every day, 12 noon, with you and my phenomenal staff,” taking time to mention the show team by name. “You have been a joy to be with every day. I will miss you so much. I will also miss all of you out there.”

After anchoring CNN Newsroom for a year, the hour was re-branded Legal View in 2013.


Banfield’s next stop is sister network HLN, where she will debut her new show, Primetime Justice, on October 17. The move was announced in August following Nancy Grace‘s planned departure from her longtime position as the network’s 8 p.m. host.