Ari Fleischer: Glenn Beck is ‘Creepy,’ ‘Weird,’ ‘Zany’

By Alex Weprin 

The former press secretary to President George W. Bush has weighed in on Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck’s rally Sunday, and it does not sound like he is a huge fan.

Ari Fleischer took to his Facebook page today, writing:

I find Glenn Beck to be a little weird and a little creepy, but he’s entitled to give a speech on the Mall. How come the press didn’t go nuts when Louis Farrakhan and other out-there groups used the Mall to promote their thinking? It’s called press bias and it’s a double standard.

After some pushback from commenters, he went back in and expanded on his comment:

I like his small government point of view, but he acts like he’s the second coming. I find him too zany and apocryphal for my taste…

Good points Amy and Ener. You can make good points and still be a bit zany – he is also an entertainer…

His style is not my style. He talks in terms of Apocalypse and he says he fears people like “us” are going to get arrested. I like his small government message, I like his exposures of wrong doing in the Obama Admin – he’s the one who found Van Jones. I just find his style over the top.

The issue today though is how the MS press treats his speech. The press never went this crazy against Farrakhan. Today they’re acting like Beck et al aren’t entitled to give their speeches.

Of course, not every Republican has to like Glenn Beck, in the same way that not every Democrat has to like Keith Olbermann. Still, this is a high profile figure in the Republican party, and based on the pushback he is getting, it looks like many people who respect him disagree with his thoughts on Beck and the rally.