Are ‘Erin Burnett Show’ Job Postings Clues to her CNN Timeslot?

By Merrill Knox 

As Erin Burnett prepares to make her debut on CNN, one major question remains to be answered: where on the network’s programming lineup will she be seen?

Time Warner, CNN’s parent company, currently has at least five job postings for the “Erin Burnett Show” on their website — a senior writer and four producers. Two of the postings (here’s one) refer specifically to the show as a “nightly” news program in the job descriptions. (The highlight in the graphic is our doing.)


Reached today, a CNN spokesperson tells TVNewser a timeslot has not been determined for the program, which, according to the job postings is titled the “Erin Burnett Show.” Last month, the network denied reports that Burnett would end up in the 7pmET timeslot, the hour that currently belongs to “John King, USA.”