Are Daryn’s Days Numbered At CNN?

By Brian 

What’s Happening At CNN reports rumors that Daryn Kagan has been passed over “for any and all promotion[s]” due to her relationship with Rush Limbaugh.

TVNewser heard similar rumblings last week, and received this anonymous tip: “Daryn Kagan is very upset that because of her relationship with Rush she is being overlooked for any and all openings at CNN. Her current time slot is constantly being preempted by the O’Brien’s on breaking news days. She is just gathering her paycheck now as she thinks she will not be there by the end of summer.”

This afternoon a CNN spokesperson had no comment on the subject, offering the usual response: “We don’t comment on gossip or personnel matters.”

> Update: 5:10pm: Is Kagan’s contract up in November?

> Update: 5:16pm: “I’m a CNNer and I can tell you that when she anchors her show, during commerical breaks, she AOL IM’s with Rush from the set,” a tipster says. “It’s HIGHLY innappropriate, and I, for one, won’t be sad to see her leave.”