April #’s: The Program Ranker

By Brian 

The top of the April program ranker shouldn’t come as a surprise: O’Reilly #1, H&C #2, Greta #3, Shep #4, and Hume #5. Larry King came in sixth place with 1,073,000 viewers a night. Big Story and Studio B are #7 and #8, followed by Lou Dobbs at #9. King is usually the only CNNer who cracks the top ten. Fox & Friends is #10, followed by Fox News Live, Your World, and DaySide.

Anderson Cooper averaged 701,000 viewers, followed by Paula Zahn with 603,000 and The Situation Room with 570,000. Countdown is MSNBC’s top show, followed by Hardball and Friday’s airings of MSNBC Investigates. Analyze the numbers for yourself:

> April 2006 program ranker (PDF)

> Compare to: April 2005 or Q1 2006

FYI: If a program airs more than once before 11pm, ratings for the multiple airings are averaged together. This affects The Abrams Report, Hardball, and Nancy Grace, for example.