Another Piece Of CNBC’s Global Strategy

By Brian 

Sabine Christiansen, Germany’s most watched and most important political television presenter, has joined CNBC Europe to produce and host a series of 12 new programs that will be broadcast around the world on CNBC,” the network announced today.

The hourlong programs, titled “Global Players with Sabine Christiansen,” will feature “hard-hitting dialogue with top international political and business leaders” produced on location “at key international events around the world.”

The new program is another piece of the network’s global strategy. “The broadcast underscores the power of CNBC’s global brand, increasing the depth of business analysis and understanding of the impact of geopolitical issues on the international economy,” the press release says. “Worldwide Exchange” airs every weekday on CNBC, CNBC Europe, and CNBC Asia, and “Conversations with Michael Eisner” will also air around the world when it premieres…