Another Memo Scandal In The Making?

By Brian 

“It’s Rathergate all over again, and the same vigilant entities that brought about to the collapse of CBS News could now also cause heads to roll among Democratic Senate leadership staffers and further shame multiple news organizations that would appear to have fallen for another document hoax,” the American Spectator hypes this morning. It involves the document that declared the Schiavo case was a great political and moral issue “for our pro-life base.”

ABC’s Linda Douglass first reported the memo news on Friday’s World News Tonight. posted the memo and titled it “GOP Talking Points on Terri Schiavo.” Some Republicans and bloggers are suggesting the memo wasn’t written by Republicans, after all. “The network admits that it knows nothing about who authored and distributed the memo,” Power Line says.

“ABC News appears to be defending itself on the ground that Douglass never claimed the memo was written or distributed by Republicans. This is true, as I noted yesterday, but Douglass’s reporting isn’t the issue,” Michelle Malkin blogs. “The issue is the headline characterizing the memo as ‘GOP talking points’–a description that strongly implies the memo was drafted and circulated by GOP higher-ups.”