Another ‘Couric Effect?’ Katie’s Mammogram To Be Broadcast On ‘Today’

By Brian 

Katie Couric will have her own mammogram broadcast on tomorrow’s ‘Today’ “in an effort to change attitudes about testing — and to save lives,” NBC has announced. Also, a free mobile mammography unit will be stationed on Rockefeller Plaza.

“Five years ago, Couric had an on-air colonoscopy to prove to people that the procedure isn’t what most people perceived it to be. Since then Couric’s crusade for colon cancer awareness has become known throughout the medical community as ‘The Couric Effect’ after a University of Michigan study showed that since her activism began, colonoscopy screening increased by 20%. By doing this test on-air “Today” hopes that it can have as much success as it did with that March 2000 broadcast.”

> October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. An hour of today’s ‘Today’ was dedicated to awareness…