Anna Nicole: Notes

By Brian 

“This may say a lot about our current culture of celebrity and media these days when all the major cable news networks switched over to nonstop live coverage this afternoon when word arrived that Anna Nicole Smith had died,” Brian Williams said on Thursday’s NBC Nightly News.

NBC and CBS covered her death with packages around 6:40pm. ABC followed at 6:50pm. Cable news went wall-to-wall when her death was confirmed at 3:48pm.

“Whether or not we like it, Anna Nicole Smith is news,” a viewer writes. “It might be sleazy news, but she had an effect on this country, and was if anything a curious oddity. Much TV coverage was extended when Gerald Ford died; I, like many people, was not alive when Ford was president, and sadly, I know Anna Nicole better than Ford. Cable news shouldn’t feel guilty for covering something that is news.”