Anna Kooiman is Back on TV, In Australia

By Chris Ariens 

When Anna Kooiman left Fox News last year she followed her Aussie-born husband for his new job in Sydney. This morning she was back on TV as a guest on the news/chat show Studio 10 which is a cross between The View and Outnumbered.

“It feels so good,” Kooiman said. “I miss live TV and morning TV in particular. It is an honour to be with you.” (extra “u” is our add).

AnnaTrumpKooiman participated in making a grilled sandwich, talked about her vegemite habit, and was asked about the latest sexual assault accusations against Pres.-elect Donald Trump.

“I think Americans feel that Donald Trump is going to drain the swamp. That’s why they put him in that position. I don’t think they believe he is necessarily a palatable individual or extremely presidential in his demeanor. But goodness gracious, you hope these accusations are false, because we do not want the President of the United States, the most powerful man in America and potentially the world to be accused of something like this.”

One of the hosts asked if Trump was unique in that regard.

“No, everyone of them has been tainted with something as far as I can remember,” said co-host Denise Drysdale. “The impeachment process with Bill Clinton and what about Nixon? They are all men. They’ve all got their problems. But I think he can do it,” Drysdale said of Trump.