Ann Curry’s New PBS Show Debuts Next Month

By Chris Ariens 

Former Today show anchor Ann Curry‘s new show, We’ll Meet Again, debuts January 23 on PBS.

The 6-part series features reunions of people whose paths crossed at pivotal moments.

“We are in a time when people actually need to hear these stories of empathy,” Curry said when the show was announced over the summer. “We have forgotten some of this good stuff. What we find are the similarities, and they speak to the similarities in our human family.”


Curry spent most of her career at NBC News rising to co-anchor of the Today show before her departure in 2012. At the time, then-co-anchor Matt Lauer was assumed to be behind the plan to push her out. Curry stayed with NBC for 2 more years working on special projects before departing in 2015. Lauer was fired last week after a complaint of sexual misconduct. NBC has launched an internal investigation to determine how it was that earlier complaints during Lauer’s 20 years at Today were not acted upon.