Ann Curry Wanted Katie Couric’s Job. But “I Know It Has All Worked Out”

By Brian 

Another interesting chunk of Jacques Steinberg‘s story today:

  “Curry’s dogged commitment to provide firsthand accounts of the burnings, maimings and rapes that have characterized the conflict in the Sudan… has come in the midst of a period that, she acknowledged, included some professional disappointment. Ms. Curry said in the interview on Tuesday that she had considered herself well qualified to succeed Katie Couric as co-host of Today when Ms. Couric departed last spring for the CBS Evening News; instead NBC wooed Meredith Vieira from ABC.

“I did do the job this summer,” Ms. Curry said, referring to the period before Ms. Vieira’s first broadcast in September, when Ms. Curry sat alongside Matt Lauer most days. “People said I did it well. Viewers seemed to respond to my doing it well.”

She and Ms. Vieira had since grown close, she said, and “I know it has all worked out.” Ms. Curry said it would have been difficult for her to travel to Africa as often as she had, “had I been given that job.”


Here’s the full piece…