Andy Katz Already Predicted Blake Griffin's Success

By Noah Davis 

Blake Griffin is awesome. We all know this. But have you ever wondered why?

Our friends at The Shin Guardian unearthed Andy Katz’s incredible story of Griffin and his trainer, Frank Matrisciano. The legend lives in San Francisco, working with athletes, marines, and anyone who can find him (and survive his brutal 50-minute sessions).

The article, part of a series called “The Rookie,” was written before Griffin blew out his knee in preseason of last year and missed the entire season. Even so, it’s an impressive look into the work habits of the NBA’s newest star.


“Let me just put it this way: When I went back to Oklahoma last year when we were done here, the guys were complaining about having to go to the weight room and do our 30-minute workout or our 45-minute workout, and I was like, ‘Man, I could do this all day, this is great. I don’t have to go on a sand hill wearing a 40-pound weight vest and run up it carrying a 20-pound ball or do pull-ups. This has made that easy. I’m not saying we work harder than anyone else, because [other] people work hard. But this is definitely tough, and it pushes you.”

And then there’s the money quote form Matrisciano on Griffin: “I told him, you know there are guys in the NBA who are at the top. But I tell them there is a storm coming from Oklahoma, and they don’t know it yet.”

That storm has arrived.