Andrea Mitchell Reveals That She Has Breast Cancer, Says Prognosis ‘Terrific’

By Alex Weprin 

At the end of her MSNBC program this afternoon, NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell revealed that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Mitchell went on to explain that despite the diagnosis, it was caught in its earliest stage, and that the prognosis for recovery is excellent:

“Now, a personal note, or how I spent my summer vacation. I had planned to be hiking in Wyoming last week, but instead discovered that I am now among the one in eight women in this country–incredibly, one in eight–who have had breast cancer. Mine was discovered during my annual screening just a short time ago. Luckily for me I am one of the fortunate ones. We discovered it in the earliest stage. It had not spread, and I’m already back at work with a terrific prognosis.”

Update: Video after the jump.

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