Anderson Cooper Takes The 10pm Time Slot; Two-Hour 360 To Premiere Monday

By Brian 

As rumored and reported on TVNewser for days, Anderson Cooper will anchor a two-hour edition of 360 at 10pm beginning Monday, Nov. 7. (Wolf Blitzer is taking his 7pm time slot.) CNN’s press release does not mention Aaron Brown.

Here is the release:

“Anderson Cooper will take the helm of a live news program from 10 p.m. to midnight (ET) on CNN beginning next week. Cooper, who has reported from the scene of such major news events as Hurricane Katrina, the famine in Niger, the Terry Schiavo case, the war in Iraq, the tsunami in South Asia and the 2004 elections, will be topping off CNN’s prime-time schedule with two hours dedicated to exploring in-depth the most important and relevant news of the day. Anderson Cooper 360, which debuted on Sept. 8, 2003, will air from its new timeslot beginning Monday, Nov. 7.

“Anderson is one of the most distinctive voices anywhere on television,” CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein says in the press release. “He has broken through the clutter with his candor, his humanity and his emotional connection to the most pressing stories of our time. As a result, he has gained a strong following among viewers that we hope to build on.”