Anderson Cooper Responds To Philippine Broadcaster: ‘I Never Said That’

By Jordan Chariton 

As he continues to report from the Philippines after last week’s devastating Typhoon Haiyan, Anderson Cooper responded last night directly to Philippine broadcaster Korina Sanchez. As we reported yesterday, Sanchez was critical of Cooper’s coverage.

“Ms. Sanchez seems to be under the mistaken impression that I said ‘I saw no presence of the Philippine government on the ground in Tacloban’…I never said that,” Cooper said. “Obviously I have been on the ground in Tacloban for days, and I have in fact interviewed a very heroic Philippine navy captain, Captain Santiago, who’s going out and helping people. I’ve seen the work that’s being done, and the work that isn’t being done, perhaps even as importantly.”

“Ms. Sanchez is welcome to go there, and I would urge her to go there,” Cooper continued. “I don’t know if she has, but her husband’s the Interior minister… I’m sure she can arrange a flight.”

Cooper also responded to a statement from the President of the Philippines, who said the media should use their perch to lift the spirits of his citizens and show the world their strength.

“I would actually say all week long, in every report we’ve done, we have shown how strong the Filipino people are.”


Cooper also talked with grief-stricken residents, some of whom — proving his original point — are getting no government help.