Anderson Cooper Differentiates Himself From New ‘Platinum Bomb’ Celebrity Doppelganger

By Jordan Chariton 

Cooper Levine“Anderson Cooper 360’s” “Ridiculist” segment returned last night from a short hiatus, and Cooper made sure to point out the stark differences between him and a new celebrity doppelganger.

“This is pretty much the platinum bomb heard round the world…and some of the shrapnel happens to be hitting yours truly,” Cooper said about music star and “The Voice” co-host Adam Levine‘s new blond hairdo (see above).

First, Cooper lightheartedly noted Levine has been on the cover of “People Magazine” as the “Sexiest Man Alive,” while he has been the coverboy for WebMD with text that asks readers if they’re due for a prostate exam.


Cooper added one more for those still having trouble telling them apart: “Adam Levine is the lead singer of ‘Maroon 5,’ has ‘moves like Jagger,’ where I’ve always thought I have moves like Blitzer.”