Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett To Report Live In Primetime For CNN

By Alex Weprin 

CNN will be keeping its usual primetime lineup on tonight to cover Sandy, and will be live until the worst of the storm passes, whenever that may be. Anchors Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett will be reporting in the field tonight across primetime. CNN International will be simulcasting CNN/U.S. from 11AM-2PM and again starting at 4 PM.

The list of correspondents in the field for CNN is after the jump.

Update: HLN is blowing up its primetime lineup to provide hurricane coverage. Those details are also after the jump.


HLN primetime and overnight plans:

8p -10p Nancy Grace (All hurricane coverage)

10p -12a Special hurricane breaking news show – Hosted by Jane Velez-Mitchell

12a – 5a Breaking news overnight show – Host TBD

5a Morning Express begins an hour early

CNN correspondents and anchors covering Sandy:

Chad Myers @chadmyerscnn

Rob Marciano @robmarcianocnn

Anderson Cooper @andersoncooper

Soledad O’Brien @soledad_obrien

Erin Burnett @erinburnett

Sanjay Gupta @sanjayguptacnn

Ali Velshi @alivelshi

Carol Costello @carolcnn

John Berman @johnsberman

Ashleigh Banfield @cnnashleigh

Michael Holmes @holmescnn

Ryan Smith @ryansmithtv

Mike Galanos

Bob Van Dillen @bobvandillen

Alison Kosik @alisonkosik

Jason Carroll @jasoncarrollcnn

Deb Feyerick @debfeyerickcnn

David Mattingly

Brian Todd @briantoddcnn

Gary Tuchman @garytuchmancnn

Chris Lawrence @clawrencecnn

Athena Jones @athenacnn

Sandra Endo @sandraendocnn

George Howell @gkhcnn