…And Williams Makes Three

By Chris Ariens 

Gov. Sarah Palin has finished making the rounds to all the national television media. This afternoon, NBC’s Brian Williams caught up with Palin and Sen. John McCain in Green, Ohio. The interviews will air over the next three nights on Nightly News. Charlie Gibson was first to interview Palin on Sept. 11; Katie Couric followed on Sept. 28 and Williams today.

Williams teased the interview during an appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews. After the jump, why Matthews was unimpressed.

Meanwhile, CBS’ Harry Smith gets the exclusive with Barack Obama as he prepares to leave the campaign trail to be with his sick grandmother. That interview airs tomorrow on The Early Show.

Update: ABC’s Robin Roberts interviews Obama today, and the interview airs tomorrow on Good Morning America.

Brian Williams and Chuck Todd were live in Green, Ohio for a segment on Hardball promoting Williams’ interview with Palin. Williams played a portion of the interview related to something VP candidate Joe Biden said the other day about Obama being tested by a foreign power during his first few months in office. Here’s Matthews reaction:

What do you get out of that Brian? What’s the news value in that? I can’t decipher the meaning there.

Williams responds: “Well, I found it interesting, this tie, in an interview yesterday tying the — what they see as this lack of sitting down with a lack of preconditions with somehow the Biden theory of an early test of the mettle of the whomever the new president is. Not sure that we advanced the ball there, but it was worth trying…”