‘And What Can I Say About Brian Williams? Nothing, Because I Work for NBC’

By Chris Ariens 

Cecily Strong, the host of last night’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner got in a few one-liners aimed at the media, including:

  • MSNBC shows so many prison documentaries they’re making Ed Schultz get a tear-drop tattoo.
  • Fox News is here. That channel is all hot blonde ladies and old dudes. Every show on Fox News looks like a party scene from Weekend at Bernie’s.
  • You’ve got to give it up for CNN. It is comforting to know that whenever a big story breaks, I can turn to CNN and watch Anthony Bourdain eat a cricket.

Strong then got to NBC. “And what can I say about Brian Williams. Nothing, because I work for NBCThe C-SPAN camera then cut to the NBC table with Lester Holt, Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell getting a laugh at the line. (Around 7:20 in the video below.)