Anchorwoman: Trailer-Park TV “You Couldn’t Help But Watch”

By Chris Ariens 

Reliable Sources on Sunday, Bill O’Reilly on Monday, GMA on Tuesday. And tonight Lauren Jones is ready for her close-up on primetime network TV. The reviews of Fox’s reality show, Anchorwoman are in:

The LATimes: “If [producer Brian] Gadinsky had any courage at all, he would have simply made her a drag queen — that at least would have been interesting — because that is what she is: a female drag queen, her femininity exaggerated, her intelligence diminished.”

The NY Daily News: “Anchorwoman turns out to be entertaining — even as it indicts the local TV news operation it pretends to value.”


The Washington Post: “Anchorwoman is the sort of trailer-park television you wouldn’t mark your calendar to watch each week, but if you channel-surfed across it, you couldn’t help but watch.”

The NYPost: “…her stupidity’s a put-on (for her sake, I hope so), as is this entire show”