Anchor Profiles: Blitzer, Gomez, Olbermann, Shep…

By SteveK 

Amanda Christine Miller of the Huffington Post has an interview with Wolf Blitzer, in which the describes his long relationship with an important asset — his beard. Apparently former CNN President Tom Johnson convinced Blitzer in 1996 of its importance. There’s also a great young Wolf picture.

• FBN’s Rebecca Gomez, co-host of Happy Hour, was profiled in Latina magazine, which highlighted her rise from barely graduating high school to broadcast success. The interview also touched on her political views, including illegal immigration.

Aaron Barnhart of the Kansas City Star wrote a lengthy feature today on MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. Barnhart writes about Olbermann’s choice to pick an office with a view of Fox News Channel. Barnhart also has this interesting exchange with Countdown Executive Producer Izzy Povich, in relation to Olbermann’s claims that producer’s force him to cover tabloid-y stories:

“If you hear him say, ‘This is a story my producer’s forcing me to do,’ hello, it’s me,” Povich said. “But then,” she added sarcastically, “there’s nothing I’m ever forced to do around here.”

Shepard Smith‘s excellent multitasking abilities are highlighted in a Houston Chronicle feature on the FNC anchor today. He also states his intentions to steer clear of opinion in his shows. “Guys like Bill O’Reilly have their thing, and Sean Hannity has his thing,” he said. “But when it comes to the news, people aren’t doing that on cable any more. If there’s another newscast on cable, I don’t know what it is.”