Anchor Dilemma? What Dilemma? ABC Has Already Decided On Its Anchor Team

By Brian 

“Forget the hoopla/hype/hooley/ hullabaloo and hogwash you’ve read as to ABC’s dilemma in who finally anchors their nightly newscast, and how they’re agonizing and weighing because Charles Gibson wants it, Diane Sawyer wanted it, all God’s chillun want it,” Cindy Adams declares in today’s New York Post.

“…Please. It’s already been decided. Won’t be announced for a while, but it’s been decided. Peter Jennings‘ anchor seat will be shared by two. Rotating bottoms. Elizabeth Vargas, who, whilst she’s been sitting in, is garnering good ratings, and Bob Woodruff. Also, what the execs are slowly coming to realize is: Doesn’t really matter all that much anymore. The nighttime network heavyweight news anchor has gone the way of the dodo.”

Adams concludes: “I shall now gird myself while the big shots, as usual, exert efforts to pee on me.”

> But: Friday’s Page Six, citing “sources,” said that Gibson “will get the anchor chair…”