America’s Newsroom “Sterned”

By Chris Ariens 

This morning on FNC’s America’s Newsroom, Bill Hemmer was doing a phone interview with a man he thought was a California lifeguard who had witnessed a shark attack in northern California. Toward the end of nearly one minute of Q&A with “Robert Mace,” the caller pulled a bababooye.

“…the surfboard was just torn apart, I mean, it could have been the victim and then for sure he would have died. But the victim, what it looked like, he started punching, and the water started turning red around him, and he was punching the shark and we heard him screaming ‘bababooye, bababooye, bababooye, bababooye, bababooye!'”

The anchor was smooth as silk: “Well done,” said Hemmer dryly. “Robert Mace wherever you are, appreciate a phone call back.”


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