Amanpour Examines “War Within” Islam

By Brian 

I’m looking forward to “The War Within.” I’ve been seeing promos for Christiane Amanpour‘s documentary for several days on CNN International, and it looks fascinating. In a Q&A with The Independent, describes the subject of her doc:

  “Since 9/11 newspaper readers have seen one very partisan view of what the Islamists and extremists, who are preaching violence and jihad, are doing and little attention is given to what the vast majority of Muslims think about it. There is no denying that the radical foreign policy adopted since 9/11 has caused an enormous amount of anxiety and anger across the board. They are fed up with their religion being hijacked and the whole Muslim community being targeted with suspicion of terrorism. But they are motivated to see what they can do about it.”

Amanpour also says she’s preparing for another trip to Iran and “parts of the Islamic world…”