Alter Coins A New Verb: “Doocy’ed”

By Brian 

On the subject of the Obama/madrassah rumors, Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter has no kind words for Fox in this web-exclusive commentary.

He says “even after the story was debunked, the folks at Fox News Channel wouldn’t apologize, and in one case kept pushing a line on the air they knew was false.”

He calls Steve Doocy the “know-it-all host of Fox and Friends,” and calls F&F “Roger Ailes‘ idea for a right-wing morning chat show.” (In fact, he creates a new verb: “Doocy’ed.”)

He says John Gibson, “once a respected correspondent and host,” “managed to slime two campaigns simultaneously.”

And he quotes Obama communication director Robert Gibbs as saying that Fox was “unwilling to stop when they knew they were wrong or correct what they knew was a lie.” More…