All Signs Point to David Gregory for MTP

By Chris Ariens 

Politico’s Mike Allen talks with NBC “network executives” who seem to confirm HuffPo’s reporting that David Gregory will be named moderator of “Meet the Press,” “as soon as today.” Allen writes, “The executives provided elliptical information that did not either raise or preclude the possibility that a supporting cast could be named along with Gregory.” And:

NBC sources described the choice as partly a process of elimination, and spoke of a fear that the network would eventually lose Gregory if he were denied the prize, since “Today” or “NBC Nightly News” might not have a lead anchor opening for years.

If Gregory is chosen, that may leave an opening in MSNBC’s schedule as Gregory’s “1600 Pennsylvania Ave.” airs at 6pmET. And, if Chris Matthews actually runs for the senate from Pennsylvania, a hole will be left at 5pm & 7pm too.