All Jackson, All Morning…Almost

By Chris Ariens 

The morning shows put it in high gear today on the Michael Jackson coverage.

• On NBC, Matt Lauer talked with Jermaine Jackson, his first intreview since his brother’s death. Lauer also gave viewers a live tour inside the unfurnished Neverland Ranch – from the enormous kitchen and dining room to Jackson’s two-story bedroom, including the secret closet inside his closet which had three locks on it. “I’m not sure what he kept in there, but clearly he didn’t want many people to know that it existed,” said Lauer.

• Over on ABC, “Good Morning America” secured the rights to some home video of Jackson and his children when they were toddlers as well as video of the home Jackson was living in at the time of his death a week ago today. The video was licensed from Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios for an undisclosed price.

• And on CBS’ “The Early Show”, a day after getting Jackson’s nurse on the record about his drug habits, the show had an exclusive interview with Mike La Perruque who was a longtime confidante and head of security for the entertainer.