All In The Family: Publisher’s Edition

By Chris Ariens 

A new twist on the Rita Braver front. GalleyCat‘s Ron Hogan reports The New York Times may have its own conflict of interest to conundrum. (Paging Clark Hoyt).

This story begins with CBS’ Rita Braver who interviewed Lynne Cheney last weekend. Braver’s husband is the publishing representative for Mrs. Cheney’s new book. Braver disclosed the relationship to viewers.

But Jacques Steinberg writes in today’s Times “some journalists have suggested CBS News would have been better served by assigning someone whose spouse had no financial ties to Ms. Cheney to do the profile.”

GalleyCat reveals: “an eagle-eyed reader raised a similar red flag concerning last week’s [NYTimes] profile of Shalom Auslander, in which Charles McGrath never mentions Riverhead, the publisher of Foreskin’s Lament, which means that he never mentions the fact that the imprint’s executive editor, Sarah McGrath, is his daughter.”