All About Storytelling, Then Emo…

By Brian 

Slate’s Mickey
says “America embraces Jon Klein!:”

“Everyone Wants to Work
for Jon Klein! Why not? The CNN chief had the vision to grab cheap
headlines by humiliating his own Crossfire team! It was all about the
storytelling, you see–but then there was a hurricane and it was all
about emo! But don’t worry. Should circumstances change again–maybe
there will be a big snowfall, you never know–Klein is guaranteed to
say nice things about you (“we mutually looked at the lay of the land
and came to this conclusion” … “We cannot thank Aaron enough for the
skills and professionalism he brought to CNN.” … “There are only so
many hours in the course of a day.”). New two-hour anchor Anderson
Cooper knows that whatever happens, he has Jon Klein on his side,
patiently backing him up through thick and thin.”