Alexis Glick To ‘Today II?’

By Brian 

Is Alexis Glick being groomed to take the helm of a retooled third hour of NBC’s Today Show? That’s what observers, and even some NBC insiders, are speculating. Just read between the lines of these items:

> Changes are coming to the third hour of Today, known internally as ‘Today II.’ “Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker will continue to do the first two hours, but NBC will most likely have an entire different cast of characters for the third hour,” an insider tells Page Six today. “It will be like a different show to keep up with ‘Live! With Regis and Kelly’ and other shows, but will still be called ‘Today.'”

> “Keep an eye on the Today show’s terrific correspondent Alexis Glick,” Richard Huff hinted today. “Yesterday she filled in for Ann Curry, co-anchoring the 9 a.m. hour with Al Roker, and she’ll be back in the seat today. She was fresh and added energy to the show.”

And as TVNewser reported exclusively last month, former Maury EP Amy Rosenblum is now the senior producer of Today II. So have the stars aligned for Glick’s turn to shine?