Alexandra Pelosi Could Have “Paid A Monkey” To Cover Presidential Campaigns

By Brian 

We already know the media loves John McCain, so the first ten minutes of Reliable Sources was a waste of time. But the interview with Alexandra Pelosi was excellent. (She’s the author of a must-read new book, “Sneaking Into the Flying Circus: How the Media Turn Our Presidential Campaigns into Freak Shows.”) Two of Pelosi’s best soundbites:

> “There is a whole chapter in which I talk about, where I interview the people that are at the event, and they realize that they came because they wanted to get to hear the candidate, and they ended up just being props on a television show, which was what a presidential campaign is now. They use the American citizens, they pack them in like cattle, and give them flags to wave, and they use them as props…”

> Pelosi says no one believes the networks are “actually doing their job” as they cover presidential campaigns. “I think that they have completely undermined all presidential campaigns in the last — I mean, I would say the last elections that I’ve covered. I’ve felt like that — when I worked for a network, I felt like all I — I could have paid a monkey to do my job. You just sit on a bus and repeat back what the candidate said.”