Alex Wallace & The “Tight Horse Race”

By Brian 

The New York Times profiles Alex Wallace and her challenge at NBC Nightly News:

  “Ms. Wallace acknowledged the ongoing trend, saying, ‘I don’t have rose-colored glasses.’ And while it will be left to others to determine just how much time she is given to bolster ratings, she said she knows that trends in the program’s viewership will be critical to how long she stays in her job.

‘No one is more competitive than I am,’ she said on a recent morning in a temporary office she had been assigned at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, as NBC News renovates its headquarters to accommodate the forthcoming relocation of much of MSNBC. ‘I want to win. You don’t do these jobs because you say, ‘Oh, it’s no problem.’ It’s a tight horse race now. I think it’s going to be a tight horse race for a while.'”

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