Alex Wallace: Mother, EP, Sample Sale Shopper

By Chris Ariens 

Forbes contributor Judith Newman tracks the week of a busy evening news executive producer, in this case, NBC Nightly News EP Alexandra Wallace. No surprise, Wallace’s days usually begin with watching the news (Today, of course) and checking email. The office hours usually don’t end before 8pm.

Wallace, a mother of two small children, admits “This particular job is tough on the parenting side of my life.” Anchor Brian Williams, has great admiration for the captain of his ship: “I think it’s hugely important to a lot of our employees to see this working mother of two come in here and do the job she does. She has this other life, but she doesn’t wear it on her sleeve.”

Other things we learned: Wallace spent 17 years at CBS; mentoring is a big part of her job; she has two alarm clocks; and coffeemaker = challenge.

The story is in the Spring ’08 issue of Forbes Life Executive Woman.

(Photo: Forbes)