Al-Zarqawi Killed: Notes

By Brian 

> Richard Engel blogs about how the news broke: “We got a phone call this morning that we had to come to an important press conference by the Iraqi prime minister here in the Green Zone. We were given no details, but we were told that it was important that we should come…”

> Brian Williams anchored an hour on MSNBC at noon…

> “ABC News Radio was the first radio news operation to report the breaking news story to its listeners and affiliates (about 2 minutes after network TV at around 2:40 am ET),” the net notes. “The breaking news coverage of al-Zarqawi’s death is another example of the extremely well-coordinated effort between the ABC News and ABC News Radio operations…”

> An e-mailer says: “I heard the Al-Zarkawi news was on ABC Radio News at the Midnight PT (3am ET) report, but I hesitated in believing it because I couldn’t find the news ANYWHERE else… including! When I gave up to go to sleep at about 12:15, their website still didn’t have the news posted. Kudos to breaking the story, but was asleep like everybody else.”

> Chris Wallaceon FNC: “This is the baddest man in the world; we shouldn’t forget that…”

> Wizbang live-blogged CNN’s coverage with a skeptical eye (via ICN)…

> “Dan Senor was on Fox today and he was amazing. A great person to have on the air right now during the al-Zarqawi story,” an e-mailer says…