Al Roker Gets Parade-Side Interview with Pres. Obama and Handshake from VP Biden

By Chris Ariens 

Egged on by Brian Williams, David Gregory, Chuck Todd and others, Al Roker got what might be considered the first interview of the second term of President Obama.

“Mr. President, Mr. President, Mr. President,” Roker yelled as Obamas walked the final portion of the Inaugural Parade. “How is it going? Is the weather good? You like it?,” he yelled. President Obama responded with a wave and a look up as an acknowledgment that it is indeed good. “I think you met the minimum standard,” said Williams. “Question asked, question answered.”

But it didn’t end there. A few minutes later as VP Biden and Dr. Biden walked by he yelled again. “Mr. Vice President. Mr. Vice President… Hey how you doing?” With laughter coming from the NBC booth, the Vice President came over and shook Roker’s hand. Dropping the mic, Roker said, “I’m done!”

Williams joked: “Al Roker, our new chief White House correspondent. Chuck Todd take tomorrow off.” Then Todd chimed in: “There’s a lot of history Al Roker’s making at the White House.” Todd is referring, of course, to this.

“Thank you for bringing that up. Appreciate it,” said Roker.

Roker added that there is indeed TV history here. “Willard Scott was the guy who set the bar when Barbara Bush came over and kissed him during their inaugural parade. All weather people owe their chances to do this to Willard Scott.”

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