Al Jazeera English Eyes Branding Campaign

By Alex Weprin 

For Al Jazeera English, priority number one is still to grow its distribution in the U.S. But the challenges it is facing in that regard are not stopping the channel from pursuing a branding campaign to drive awareness. AJE recently launched a branding campaign in the U.K. (pictured right).

Advertising Age talks to network executives about their efforts to grow distribution and enhance its brand.

“They would marry up with the PR team we’ve got globally doing the job,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of really good pickup in the press in the United States. That definitely helps us in terms of the recognition,” Mr. Anstey said.

Mediacom’s Mr. Smith cautioned that Al-Jazeera is still perceived by some audiences as having a pro-Arab stance, but several of its current distribution partners said its recent coverage of global events has been well-received by viewers. “Our affiliates have been receiving accolades from their customers for bringing this to their region,” said Stephanie Misar, marketing director at MHZ Networks, the largest U.S. distributor of the 24-7 Al-Jazeera English channel. “It’s a moment in the U.S. and demographics as well where folks are looking for alternatives in their news programming.”