Ailes To Become Chairman-CEO of Fox Business Channel, Variety Says

By Brian 

I spotted two interesting references to a Fox Biz Channel in print today:

As part of Roger Ailes‘ new five-year deal with News Corp, he will serve “not only as chairman and CEO of the News Channel, which he helped found in 1996, but also as chairman-CEO of the Fox Business Channel, a spinoff in development that could launch as early as next spring,” Variety reported today.

The Financial Times included a similar paragraph: “The new contract would appear to secure his services at a time when the company is poised to embark on another ambitious project: the launch of Fox Business, a cable business channel.”

The U.K. story says “News Corp is currently in discussions with cable operators to ensure distribution for the new network.” It references the importance of a deal with Time Warner Cable, which was said to be “imminent” six months ago…