Ailes On Fox Biz Channel: “We’ll Decide Whether Or Not That’s Viable”

By Brian 

News Corp. has yet to decide whether a Fox business news channel is viable, Fox News CEO Roger Ailes said today. Here’s the Reuters summary: “Ailes appeared to soften definitive public comments by executives of parent company News Corp. who in January said they were aggressively pushing for a launch in the second half of this year.” A quote from Ailes: “I keep telling Rupert, ‘Quit saying that.'”

More: “Ailes said Fox still needed to learn who the viewers would be, where they lived and why they would watch a third cable business channel. ‘The question is, does an audience for business news really exist, have they gone on the Internet? … Are you playing to the viewers in Indiana who are investing, are you playing to Wall Street?'”

Other quotes from Ailes: “We’ll decide whether or not that’s viable,” he said. “We are committed until we’re not committed.” And: “You don’t pull the trigger until you know you can win.”

> Also: Associated Press: “Ailes said Thursday he’d have no problem hiring Dan Rather – except the former CBS anchorman makes too much money.” More…