Ahead of Lauer Interview, Dr. Oz Tells NBC News: ‘It’s Not a Medical Show’

By Mark Joyella 

In an exclusive interview with NBC’s Stephanie Gosk, Dr. Mehmet Oz insists his syndicated show–criticized by a group of physicians for promoting unscientific “miracle” cures–is actually “not a medical show.”

Portions of the interview will air tonight on “NBC Nightly News” as Oz responds to a call from the doctors who asked Columbia University to cut ties with Oz. In response, Oz tells Gosk his show isn’t really about science or medicine, but talking about “the good life”:

“It’s called The Dr. Oz Show. We very purposely, on the logo, have ‘Oz’ as the middle, and the ‘Doctor’ is actually up in the little bar for a reason,” Oz said. “I want folks to realize that I’m a doctor, and I’m coming into their lives to be supportive of them. But it’s not a medical show,” he added.

“The purpose is not to throw you at you the biggest articles published by doctors that week. Frankly it’s not very much fun to listen to [those], either. It’s to have a conversation with people who may be feeling the way you feel right now and maybe got better.”

Oz is set to appear on Friday’s “Today” for a live interview with Matt Lauer.