Aggressive Calls, Vamping with Brit — A Night at the FNC Decision Desk

By SteveK 

TV Guide’s Stephen Battaglio spent Tuesday night at the Fox News Decision Desk, and writes about his experience in the high pressure area during one of the biggest primary nights ever.

Battaglio writes that senior vice president John Moody makes the final determination of when to call a race, as he did when FNC made an “aggressive call” to name Sen. Hillary Clinton the winner of New Jersey. It worked — they were nine minutes ahead of the competition.

Moody told Battaglio at 10:45pmET that the California waiting game had begun. “This is when Brit (Hume) earns his money,” he said. “He has to vamp for a while.”

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> Update: EXTRA was also at FNC Election HQ on Super Tuesday. Video after the jump…