AG Holder To Meet With DC Bureau Chiefs

By Alex Weprin 

In today’s Politico Playbook, Mike Allen reports that Attorney general Eric Holder is scheduling meetings with the DC bureau chiefs of the major news organizations, including the TV news outlets. The meetings are part of the review President Obama ordered last week at DOJ.

 A source close to Holder said that in retrospect, he regrets the breadth and wording of the investigation involving Fox’s James Rosen (which Holder approved), and recognizes that the subpoena for AP records (Holder had recused himself from that case) took in more phone lines than necessary.

“The A.G. realizes that things might have gotten a little out of balance, and he wants to make changes to be sure the rules fully account for the balance between the First Amendment and law enforcement,” the source said. The first media meeting will be held at main Justice, likely later this week. A later meeting will include First Amendment advocates.