Aftermath: Shep Scores Exclusive Interview With Lynne Cheney…

By Brian 

FNC was the only net to air live footage of VP Cheney touring the Gulfport region. A little while later, Shep Smith scored an exclusive interview with Lynne Cheney. He asked about the questions being raised about the emergency response:

“They’re asking us a lot of questions from what you and the media are asking. It’s not about the republican majority/minority, the democrat majority/minority that peers are saying to one another — it’s about how to rebuild Mississippi and I think that’s probably where most of the country is. Let’s take this huge problem that’s been visited upon us and let’s fix it and let’s quit spending our energy on things that don’t fix this problem.”

Then Shep asked about Nancy Pelosi’s recent criticism, and Cheney ended the chat: “Listen, I’m not going to talk to you anymore Shepard but it’s been a great conversation. I appreciate it.”