Aftermath: Rick Sanchez Compares “Human Instinct” vs. Reporter Instinct

By Brian 

On Tuesday’s Showbiz Tonight, I said that reporters have become an “intermediary between the government and the people.”

CNN’s Rick Sanchez also appeared on the segment, live from Baton Rouge. He talked about his emotions he feels:

 One of the most difficult things to do in our business is remain completely detached from that which it is you’re covering. And if it’s something that pulls at your heartstrings — I had a little 6-year-old boy yesterday who couldn’t find his mom and dad. And he was crying, with tears coming out of eyes, telling me, “I want my mommy. I want my daddy.”

And I, you know, what do you do? I mean, the instinct was to hug him, and adopt him, and take him home, and take care of him, and feed him, and let him sleep in my house. That’s the instinct. That’s the human instinct, I should say.

The thing to do as a correspondent is to catalog his story and share it with the rest of the world, so that they can understand what’s going on in this town.

Here’s the transcript…