Aftermath: Praise For CNN’s Tom Foreman

By Brian 

Jonathan Storm says “there’s no question that CNN…did focus more on government failures than Fox.” (But he notes that FNC still spent time talking about the failures.)

Storm points to CNN correspondent Tom Foreman‘s work: “Using a calendar graphic, [Foreman’s package] displayed video of Brown on Aug. 26 saying Katrina ‘could easily be a Category 4 storm.’ Then it ran a shot of him two days after the Category 4 hurricane hit: ‘This storm is much bigger than anyone expected.’

Similarly, it showed Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff saying the damage ‘exceeded the foresight of the planners and maybe anybody’s foresight.’

‘Not true,” said Foreman, as the screen showed shots of newspaper and magazine articles. ‘Journalists have been reporting on the potential for disaster for many years in great detail.’ Foreman said Chertoff was continuing the same tack Sunday, saying things on the talk-show circuit that, ‘from all we can tell, are in direct contradiction of the facts.'”