Aftermath: Mississippi Looks Like A “40-Mile-Long Junkyard”

By Brian 

On Thursday’s Fox Report, Shep Smith showed amazing video from a chopper tour of the Gulf Coast, shot by photographer Mike Fagan:

“From back of a Chinook helicopter, it’s as if a bomb went off down there. As far as you can see, places where clearly homes used to stand, and now absolutely nothing. Literally, like a nuclear bottom. All up and down the coast for miles on end, twigs and sticks…the remains of those homes seem to be from here. And nothing on many foundations. Clearly there were homes there and there’s no reminder. Parts of the area looked like a junkyard. Homes just collapsed onto nothing. Two by fours, particle board everywhere. A wasteland. Everything along this coast within a half-mile or a mile of the beach, for many miles on end, from one end of this state to the other, just gone. Reduced to nothing more than rubble. It looks like a 40-mile-long junkyard, like a scrap heap that stretches across the south end of the state of Mississippi. Dumb founded that this could happen from one storm and level decades of work, decades of building, decades of life. Unthinkable, like nothing that has ever hit this nation. And from the air, it leaves you speechless.”

It left many viewers speechless, too. Shep averaged 2,666,000 viewers on Thursday, including 1,023,000 in the 25-54 demographic. Anderson Cooper, who beat Shep on Monday, had 1,667,000 viewers and 634,000 in the demo…