Aftermath: “It’s Hard To Concentrate On Anything Else,” Brian Williams Says

By Brian 

Brian Williams’ best quotes from Gail Shister‘s almost-an-obsession story in today’s Inquirer:

> “It’s hard to concentrate on anything else. When I’m not there, I think about it. When I’m there, I’m consumed by it, I’ll admit that…I plan to commute back and forth to this story for the foreseeable future.”

> “This story has touched me more than any other. I watched fellow Americans dying, in my country, for lack of food and water. It cannot be stated more plainly. It’s a fact. I think that changes you.”

> “Before this story is over, if it doesn’t engender a national conversation on oil and on class and race and the environment and the infrastructure, I think we’ve failed. This touches every aspect of our lives.”