Aftermath: Fox News “Has Moved Up To Its Next Level Of Dominance In TV News”

By Brian 

“What better sign that Fox News Channel has arrived than the fact that Shepard Smith was the guest on “Late Show with David Letterman” last night?,” TV Barn’s Aaron Barnhart blogs.

“As I said on the radio yesterday, the media world is coming to grips with the fact that Fox News has moved up to its next level of dominance in televised news. Its coverage of the disaster was consistently gripping, more so as the week went on…CNN and MSNBC were good, even excellent at times, but I kept gravitating toward Fox because, ironically, I thought I would find less spin and more reporting there.”

He concludes: “In the coming years I fully expect Roger Ailes to beef up Fox’s global reporting, add some kind of headline service, acquire better radio assets and finally make good on his tiresome slogan, “Fox: The Most Powerful Name in News.” Tiresome, but becoming truer by the day.”